Riverside, California (NAPSI) - There’s good news for moms, dieters, students, sports fans or others looking for a convenient way to take their favorite meals and drinks with them when they’re on the go.

The Cuppow drinking lid and the BNTO lunchbox are designed to turn the all-American mason jar, or canning jar, into a useful and environmentally friendly travel mug or lunchbox.

“Mason jars make great beverage and food storage containers,” says Joshua Resnikoff, co-founder of Cuppow. “They’re inexpensive, durable, microwavable and dishwasher safe. The only problem is that because they have large openings, they’re not easy to sip from, and they’re not great for keeping wet and dry foods separate.”

The Cuppow lid adapter sits underneath the metal lid of a mason jar; it’s a simple, eco-friendly alternative to expensive travel mugs and poor-performing, messy disposable hot cups. It’s designed to handle all kinds of liquids, including hot or cold coffee and tea, smoothies or fresh-pressed juices.

The BNTO lid adapter—also from Cuppow—turns a mason jar into a lunchbox by separating the jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ. It holds 6 fluid ounces (¾ cup) and is built to fit snugly under the standard metal lid of a wide-mouth jar.

Both the Cuppow and BNTO are made in the U.S.A. from 100 percent recycled and recyclable food-safe plastic that’s BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free, so they’re safe for the whole family. For more information about the Cuppow family of products, current retail locations and wholesale opportunities, visit www.cuppow.com.