Phoenix, Arizona (NAPSI) - If you ever feel like you need a vacation, you’re not alone. According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, all too many workers take only about half the vacation time to which they’re entitled.

It would be a healthy idea if they took the other half, too. Research suggests enough downtime is good for your health, your mood, and even your productivity when you get back to the office.

So why don’t people take time off? For too many, the idea of planning a trip seems overwhelming, a time-consuming hassle they’d rather not deal with. That has held them back from going out and smelling the roses, and taking the vacation of their dreams.

What they don’t realize is that an amazing experience away from home can be easier and less expensive to achieve with the help of efficient travel packages. Perfect for people who don’t have the time to search for flights, hotel, car and so forth, on an individual basis, travel packages don’t just save time—they save money as well. While savings and convenience rarely go hand in hand, there are three good reasons for this seeming contradiction:

1. Convenience: Booking a package trip can be done in a single visit to one website. That means one itinerary, so there’s less paperwork to juggle and only one payment to make.

2. Savings: Research suggests that travelers who go this route with Travelocity saved, on average, over $500 compared to those who booked their itinerary items separately.

3. Choice: Many people think separate bookings means more choices, but in reality you can choose from a full array of flights and hotels. Your options can include any of these combinations:

• Flight plus hotel;

• Flight plus hotel plus car;

• Hotel plus car;

• Flight plus car.

Only online travel agencies such as Travelocity, which has a full line of travel options (that is, flight, hotel and car), can offer such a large array of packages.

Packages are easy to find. On Travelocity, for example, the first available selection tab is dedicated to packages, all package combinations are highlighted within the home page booking window, and the site even suggests places to go that you may never have realized you’ve always longed to see.

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