Des Moines, Iowa (NAPSI) - When it comes to making the lawn mower, string trimmer and other gas-powered outdoor equipment start easily and run smoothly, the most important factor is the quality of the fuel you use.

All fuel needs to be stabilized, especially ethanol-blended fuel. As fuel ages, gums form that clog carburetors and injectors, making engines run rough or hard to start. The engines are fine—the fuel is the problem. The solution requires more than a traditional chemical fuel stabilizer.

To keep the fuel fresh in your yard care equipment for two years, in use or not, you need a multifunctional fuel treatment with the right blend of enzymes. The enzymes let oxygen attach to hydrocarbon fuel molecules for a more complete burn, maximum power, crisper throttle response and improved fuel economy. They also help prevent carbon deposits and keep engines running clean, with significantly reduced emissions. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment’s enzymes also break up gums and clumps of water molecules so they can be safely eliminated when the engine runs.

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