Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - You can show your appreciation for all your mother has done for you, whether on Mother’s Day or at any time of the year, by giving her intriguing insights into how she can make her life better, happier and more filled with awe. Two new books can help you do just that.

• One, “Feeling Great: Creating a Life of Optimism, Enthusiasm and Contentment” by Peter Vegso and Kelly Johnson, is built on the timeless spiritual teachings of visionary Dadi Janki. With it, your mother can learn the precepts for feeling great and the three keys that unlock the ability to attain it. Parables and examples further illuminate this wisdom.

Known for her unswerving optimism and a heart rich with compassion, Dadi Janki redefined the concept of freedom in the West by placing it within the context of the ancient wisdom of the East.

The book raises such questions as what does “feeling great” really mean and is it really possible to feel great in today’s world with its violence and disorder? And then gives some surprising answers: Feeling great is not about having a good time for a few hours or having money to spend. It’s about acquiring, applying and practicing four things as revealed in the book—enthusiasm, optimism, contentment and respect.

The book also reveals practical ways to navigate and overcome the sticking points everyone encounters in a hectic, overscheduled life and includes tips for feeling great physically. It can help your mother put her life in order and remember who she really is—an authentic way of living from the inside that can sustain her through life’s challenges.

Now is the time to start feeling great, and this uplifting book shows you how easy it can be—not as a temporary indulgence, but as a lasting state of being.

• The other, “Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude” by Kim Weiss, can make for a marvelous pick-me-up for special moments when your mom wants to pause and appreciate the magnificence of nature and help her begin each day with awe and wonder and end it with reflection and gratitude.

This colorful little book features beautiful photos complemented by inspirational passages from best-loved teachers and writers including “Sex and the City”’s Candace Bushnell and Jack Canfield, famed for his “Chicken Soup...” book series. “Sunrise, Sunset” can bring sunshine and the striking beauty of the sky into every day of the year. Your mom may care to keep it at her bedside, for a new cheering thought and view every day.

Where To Find Them

Each of these books is available on Amazon, from the publisher at www.hcibooks.com and elsewhere books are sold.