Seattle, Washington (NAPSI) - For an increasing number of Americans, the outside is what’s in. That is, outdoor spaces are becoming an extension of the home, like a warm-weather living room, complete with comfortable furniture, sun protection and perhaps even curtains or a fire pit, making an ideal outdoor oasis to pass the evenings and enjoy the warm weather.

To create your own outdoor living space, the following are a few ways to ensure it suits your needs and stays looking great throughout the season:

• Think about what you enjoy doing outside. Do you like to entertain outdoors with a dinner party? If so, an outdoor dining room is a great fit complete with a large table, comfortable chairs and a sun umbrella. If you prefer to sit outdoors the same way you would in your living room, seek out a deep seating set with comfy cushions and colorful toss pillows. Does the idea of a fire pit warm your heart? Consider a fire pit built into a table and surround it with complementary seating at the same level.

• Coordinate color schemes with your landscaping and plants. If you have a lot of multicolored flowers and plants, go for outdoor fabrics that are neutral to provide grounding for your space, such as beige, gray and even white. For a landscape heavy in green tones, use your outdoor fabrics to add color. Cushions in red and purple can provide a surprise color accent. Blue-hued fabrics pair elegantly with greens and give off a cool, relaxed vibe. Fabrics in the orange family add contrast for a zesty accent in your outdoor space.

• Once you’ve created your ideal outdoor oasis, it’s important to preserve your furniture with regular maintenance, which can be combined with other outdoor chores. Rinse off the cushions with a garden hose while watering the flowers. Brush leaves, pollen and other residue off cushions while sweeping the patio.

• To ensure your outdoor furniture looks great throughout the season, be sure to also give it an annual cleaning and maintenance tune-up. To clean up the most difficult stains, spray your patio furniture fabric with 303 Products’ Multi-Surface Cleaner to safely remove tough stains. Once cushions are dry, apply 303 Fabric Guard, recommended as the best fabric protectant by leading manufacturer Sunbrella, to restore water and stain repellency to factory-new levels. Finally, spray on 303 Protectant on outdoor furniture’s hard surfaces, providing broad-spectrum UV blockers to protect from fading, cracking and embrittlement caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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