Chicago, Illinois (NAPSI) - We’ve already seen some of the effects of severe winter weather this year and with more expected to come, taking action now may minimize the harsh effects on your family, possessions and property.

“Recent studies indicate total losses during the last 50 years have totaled over $35.2 billion due to winter storms,” says Karen McCague, claims operations manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

“Ensuring adequate preparation for blizzards, high winds, ice, hail, sleet and heavy snow conditions will minimize your chances of experiencing significant losses due to inclement winter weather this year.”

McCague recommends following what she calls “The Three Ps of Preparation” to ensure safety of people, property and possessions.


When a storm strikes, you and your family may need to remain indoors for several days. Prepare a safety kit and educate your family to ensure everyone understands what steps to follow during severe weather.

Also, ensure driveways and walkways are clear of ice to prevent slippery conditions, which could result in injury.


There are several steps you can take to prepare your property as well. Insulating pipes prevents freezing and bursting. Cleaning gutters regularly prevents formation of ice dams, which can result in water damage. It is also important to check the structural integrity of your home’s roof and ensure that carbon monoxide and smoke detectors function properly.


Finally, remember to prepare your vehicle by keeping your gas tank and antifreeze reservoir full. It is also important to ensure there are plenty of blankets, extra clothes, and fuel to operate a generator or portable heating device.

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