Salt Lake City, Utah (NAPSI) - With school back in session, there is good news for millions of students who have difficulty reading because of dyslexia or other learning disabilities. For these young people who struggle to understand the printed word, there is a proven alternative: They can listen to their textbooks and enjoy academic success.

Studies have shown that audiobooks are remarkably effective for many students with reading-based disabilities. The benefits of auditory learning include increased comprehension, better grades, higher confidence and improved self-esteem. The leading resource for these students is Learning Ally, a nonprofit organization that offers the world’s most advanced library of audio textbooks for at-home and in-the-classroom reading.

Audiobook Apps Go Mainstream

Learning Ally offers instant access to more than 75,000 audio textbooks and popular literature titles—nearly everything required for kindergarten through high school and beyond. The audiobooks can be easily loaded to devices that kids use in everyday life—like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as their laptops.

Educators applaud the independence that new mainstream technology gives to their students. “Kids with learning differences want to be part of the crowd, and they don’t want to be dependent on having mom or dad read their books to them,” says Ruth W., an educational therapist inCalifornia. “Now they can just put their earbuds on, read with Learning Ally’s free audio app on their iPhone, and blend in with their friends—which, especially in the teen years, is a huge consideration.”

Proven Help for Dyslexia

With the help of Learning Ally audiobooks, thousands of young people across theU.S.are enjoying newfound success in the classroom. Dyslexic student Kara S. has come a long way from the “slow reading table” she was forced to sit at in elementary school. She recently graduated from theUniversityofSan Franciscowith a double major in physics and math.

“Parental support could only go so far,” Kara says. “I needed something more.” She credits her membership with Learning Ally as the key to igniting her passion for learning and increasing her confidence as a reader and student.

Membership Advantages

Students who qualify for membership with Learning Ally enjoy unlimited access to audiobooks from major publishers. The books are read by human narrators who include teachers, doctors, scientists and specialists in every subject—people who can explain every picture, diagram and chart. Students enjoy free software and flexibility to play their books on multiple devices. And a new feature for on-screen highlighting of text in select books will be released this fall.

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