Denver, Colorado (NAPSI) - Graduation 2014 unleashed 1.6 million graduates into the workforce, according to theNationalCenter for Education Statistics. While many of those recent graduates are already working, a large percentage are not. Either way, they all have something in common memories of a senior year full of stressful decisions.

“Is this my last chance to enjoy a summer vacation before starting work?” “Am I really considering life as a nine-to-fiver, or is there another option better suited to me?”

As long as you follow your gut, you’ll make the right decision. In the meantime, allow me to open the door to an opportunity that has recently taken your generation and the nation by storm—franchising.

Where else can the freshest, creative, most eager era of soon-to-be grads flex their skill, will, and drive to succeed on their terms? Franchising may be the perfect fit. Whether you consider yourself a leader or an entrepreneur, one thing is for certain: you need to be both to become a successful franchised business owner.

As a marketing executive for a leading franchisor of commercial cleaning businesses, I’ve seen first-hand the options that abound in the franchise industry. If you’re considering franchising, here are some things to consider:

1. It’s a big piece of the economic pie: From burgers and burritos to dog grooming and digital marketing services, many of our favorite local companies are, in fact, franchised businesses owned by local people in your community. According to the International Franchise Association, independently owned and operated franchised businesses contribute $707.6 billion in salaries in the United States. Best of all, the franchise industry continues to grow in size and demand.

2. Owning a business is within reach: There are many franchise opportunities with low start-up costs, and no magic age required to become an entrepreneur. Being a great business owner has everything to do with your personal drive, passion and ambition. If you bring those traits to the table, the franchisor will provide a know-how transfer (training), brand, processes and support to help you become the business owner you always knew you could be.

3. It’s a “me” market out there: If you don’t look out for yourself, who will? You have choices. After all, that’s why you went to school, right? Don’t sell yourself short, especially if your gut tells you to do your own thing. But, if you decide to work on the franchisor side of the business, do yourself a favor and work in sales at some point. You’ll learn a lot about business and gain practical communication skills that will prove valuable down the road.

4. Millennials are looking for work that is meaningful: If you work for a franchisor, you will be part of a system that helps people start their own businesses. It’s very rewarding to support people who made the decision to pursue and create their own American dream.

5. Make a difference and give back: Imagine the positive impact you could have in your local community as your own boss. For example, franchised businesses can hire employees and help others with their careers. When it’s your business, you make the decisions. So, if it’s your goal to improve the world around you, here’s your chance.

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