Houston, Texas (NAPSI) - Forgetfulness. Confusion. Difficulty doing math. Often, these experiences are shrugged off as a normal part of getting older. However, sometimes, these changes are actually the body signaling a more significant underlying problem liver disease.

Washington, DC (NAPSI) - Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious public health problem, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)--some 2.5 million occur a year but knowing a few facts can help protect yourself and your family.

Washington, DC - How to Manage Cholesterol in a Few Easy Steps:

Phoenix, Arizona (NAPSI) - It’s a fact: as men age, their bodies produce less testosterone. However, some men, whose bodies make very little or no testosterone, could have a condition called hypogonadism. The effects of hypogonadism and “Low T” could be a game changer for some men.

El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - Whooping cough is often thought of as a disease of the past but, unfortunately, it’s making a comeback. To provide yourself and your family with the best protection, get vaccinated against the disease.

San Antonio, Texas (NAPSI) - Taking your preteen or teen for a health check-up or sports physical is an important part of getting them ready for the new school year. During the appointment, be sure to speak with your child’s health care professional about diseases they may be at risk for.

Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - During the 2014-2015 flu season, it’s important to remember that the single best way to prevent influenza (“the flu”) is to get an annual vaccination, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends for everyone aged six months and older, with rare exception.