(NAPSI) - It’s that time of year again-tax time! But with the average tax refund over $3,000 last year, for millions of Americans, this isn’t such a bad time of year, especially with all the free tax filing options available to taxpayers.


Now more than ever, taxpayers are looking for ways to save money on tax preparation while ensuring they get the biggest refund possible. One of the easiest ways to save time and money is to go online. For the estimated 80 million Americans who have a fairly simple return, online tax preparation is not only easy, accurate and convenient—It’s FREE!

“Online tax preparation is really easy and fast and I can e-file so I get my refund back in about a week,” said Shelby, a 29-year-old professional from Santa Monica, Calif. “And using a free service is a lifesaver. The money I would have used to pay someone else to prepare my taxes can now go toward buying gas and groceries.”

With more free and low-cost tax preparation options than ever before, low-income taxpayers and filers with simple returns are seeing the benefits.

Some things to consider before you go online to prepare your taxes:

• Look for free filing options: Free online tax preparation websites are a great option for people with simple tax returns. Taxpayers can prepare and e-file their federal tax returns at no cost with free options from IRS.gov or TurboTax.com.

• Consider using your smartphone: Now taxpayers can easily prepare and file taxes from their mobile devices. SnapTax, an app for simple returns (1040EZ), allows people to prepare their return from an iPhone or Android phone. Just snap a photo of your W-2, answer some simple questions, review your return for accuracy and tap to e-file in minutes.

• Get the most out of your tax software: Online tax preparation websites are not all the same. For example, TurboTax offers free one-on-one expert tax advice for everyone, live by phone or chat, to give you the confidence that your return is done right.

• E-file for a refund in record time: E-filing is the fastest way to receive your refund. You can receive your tax refund in about seven days with direct deposit. If you don’t have a bank account, you can still e-file and collect your refund quickly by choosing options such as the TurboTax Prepaid Visa® Card.

With few expected tax law changes, now is the time to use online or mobile tax filing options. It will make tax time easier and ensure that you get every dollar you deserve back in your pocket, fast.

With all these easy and affordable options available, don’t wait. For more information, go to www.turbotax.com.