Riverside, California (NAPSI) - By 2015, it’s predicted that immigration will fuel half of all U.S. workforce growth; by 2035, this number may reach 100 percent. The good news for employers: These workers bring skills, experiences and cultures that can spark greater innovation and prosperity.

According to “The Future of Work,” a report by Institute for the Future for Apollo Research Institute, diversity now includes not just different nationalities but varied professional backgrounds, generations and ways of thinking. Because this “deep diversity” inspires creativity and flexibility, the faster that foreign-born workers can become part of the team, the better.

Although over two-thirds of workers think they’re ready for a diverse workplace, Apollo Research Institute’s report “The Great Divide” notes, a quarter of employers report difficulty hiring workers who function well in such settings. But there are ways for workers to get up to speed:

• See your work through a colleague’s viewpoint, to learn how being from a different country, age group or professional background can add new depth to your own career or life. Over half of employers feature programs to attract diverse employees, so you shouldn’t have to look far for a fresh perspective.

• By discussing mutual interests, hobbies and other nonwork subjects with diverse colleagues, you can find common points of interest and build relationships that strengthen teamwork.

• Learn a new language for global versatility. As firms expand overseas, hiring managers will need more workers fluent in Spanish, Chinese or other widely spoken languages.

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