Washington, DC (NAPSI) - Many are surprised when they learn they don’t know as much about the Selective Service and the law as they thought they did. To help, here is a quick quiz with some fast facts.

Q) Who must register with the Selective Service?

A) Young men are required to register when they turn 18.

Q) Does this also apply to immigrants?

A) Yes. It also applies to male immigrants residing in the U.S., regardless of their immigration status.

Q) Are there any benefits to registering?

A) Those who register remain eligible for student financial aid and federal job training programs, and those who want to become a citizen will have to show proof of registration. Also, some states now require it when applying for a driver’s license.

Q) Are there significant penalties for not registering?

A) Yes. Those who don’t comply face fines of up to $250,000, a prison sentence of up to five years or both.

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