Bellevue, Washington (NAPSI) - Although technology and innovation mean there are more ways to learn than ever, some things about education remain the same.

Whether you’re in a traditional, in-class atmosphere, an online setting, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) or one of any number of other options now available, one element will serve you well: motivation.

“If you come in motivated, really knowing why you’re choosing to pursue your degree, you’re that much closer to success,” said Stephanie Jackson, who serves as a “coach” in Bellevue University’s Flexxive program.

“It’s important to have a plan and to stick to it,” Jackson said.

Jackson endorsed some basic tips to help students achieve success within the new learning models or anywhere, for that matter.

• Know your limitations and set attainable goals. You may be able to finish your degree faster by taking four classes at a time, but can you handle that workload? Will you be getting the most out of each class? Set up a schedule for how much you want to read and study on a given day with enough downtime to absorb and appreciate the information.

• Find your comfort zone. Just as there are many learning models, there are also more than a few ways to study. Type your notes onto your computer or take handwritten notes, whichever works best for you. Create a space that’s conducive to studying. That might include an area that is completely silent or one with a certain level of background noise. Again, customize the space to your individual preferences.

• Review the material shortly after reading a chapter in your textbook or reviewing a video for an online course (or both). That short review can help you absorb information for the long term.

• Study once a day, rather than once a week. Break your study sessions into short daily habits, rather than waiting for the weekend or trying to cram it all into a single day. The shorter sessions generally lead to a better understanding than a sometimes overwhelming marathon session.

Students in the University’s program are reaping the benefits of her advice. “The feedback from students has been very gratifying,” said Sharon Rea of Bellevue University. “By creating a plan and sticking to it, you’ll reach your goals.”

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