Dallas, Texas (NAPSI) - From tax changes to utility bills and minimum wage requirements, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have a variety of expenditures and regulatory obligations. Meanwhile, governmental changes and other factors continue to alter the landscape of expenses that SMBs can expect from year to year.

This can change the way business owners invest their money and the types of expectations they have for the products they purchase to support their companies. With other growing expenses, small- and medium-sized businesses are more interested than ever in the “value of a dollar” and they expect their money to go further when it comes to technology.

Here are three tips for doing more with less and a look at the technology that can help make a difference for your business with fewer costs:

• Make your office mobile friendly—Increase employee productivity by providing the option to print on the go from smartphones and tablets. Offices that aren’t ready to buy a new printer but are interested in implementing mobile print should look at the HP 1200w Mobile Print Accessory-a simple, secure USB device that adds wireless-direct and touch-to-print capabilities to existing HP LaserJet and Officejet Mobile printers.

• Invest in cloud—enabled document management-By investing in the cloud, businesses can manage content and improve employee efficiency with access to documents from the office or on the go, without purchasing additional hardware or IT infrastructure. Look for a cloud solution that uses a subscription model, letting you scale your cloud usage as your business grows.

• Create interactive documents through the cloud—Cloud-based customer communications management solutions let users spend less time composing documents and more time engaging with customers. With these technologies, users can create sophisticated, interactive documents, including sales quotes, proposals, direct marketing and correspondence, while maintaining company brand standards.

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