Riverside, California (NAPSI) - For enhanced curb appeal of your home, nothing beats a front door with beautiful doorglass.

Making it easier to determine what your dream entryway could look like is a new interactive online tool called Your Door Stylizer™ from ODL, Inc. With this online tool, you can instantly see how doorglass can upgrade your door and enhance your home. It can be intimidating to choose a new entry. This new tool makes the process easy and fun.

First, using your computer, tablet or smartphone, choose among three project types:

1. Replace Glass—For homeowners who simply want to replace their existing doorglass with a new design or style.

2. Add Glass—For homeowners who want to add doorglass to a door that previously had none or to increase the size of the doorglass in their existing door.

3. Replace Your Door—For homeowners who want to completely change their entry system, this option allows them to choose their existing entryway configuration and then choose any door type, doorglass shapes and designs they like.

Next, you simply upload a photo of your house or choose from preloaded sample home photos and then customize the entryway with the online tool by choosing among an array of designs. Each doorglass selection instantly appears on the door in the image.

Once you’ve selected your style, with the aid of Your Door Stylizer, you can share the project via e-mail or social media, save the image to an online account or print it for later reference. Online, you can learn where to get the glass you’ve selected and how to get it installed. Because it’s made by ODL, a leading manufacturer of decorative and clear doorglass and entry treatments, the glass can also help your doors meet ENERGY STAR criteria. All decorative doorglass is sealed between two panes of tempered safety glass, insulated for airtight and watertight performance.

Other Entryway Ideas

Once you’ve decided on the door, you may consider improving the rest of the entryway. Here are a few ideas to try:

• Line the sides of the front steps with plants in pots.

• If you have a covered porch, paint a mural on the ceiling or line it with mirror tiles.

• If there’s room, add a swing, a small seat or a storage box.

• Put up a trellis and train a vine over it.

• Use solar-powered lanterns on posts to light the walkway.

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