Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) - Having fun is essential to good health, experts say.

So how can you hang on to your youthful exuberance? Take some advice from Peter Pan. He turns 60 this year (at least, the movie about him does) but his ability to view the world through a child’s eyes endures and remains one of the best inspirations to keep the spirit of fun alive.

You might like to try these ideas: Designate a special “Wear a CapeDay” with your kids at the park. Stay in pj’s all day long. Have a bubble-blowing contest. Form a band using instruments made from kitchen equipment. Take photos of your funniest face and text them to your friends. Put gold stars on all your work. Write with a purple pen. Instead of a latte, go for an ice cream sundae. Put streamers on all the family bikes. Get inspired by the new Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-ray™ and Combo Pack. For more information, visit

Finally, ask your friends to come up with other ways to have fun and tweet them using #nevergrowup.