Tempe, Arizona (NAPSI) - Many believe today’s television viewers have it better than ever. That’s because they have access to a wider selection of in-home entertainment than ever before and many are choosing to watch TV on demand.

Some say the change in TV-viewing preferences can be attributed to the growing popularity of affordable, easy-to-use streaming players. In fact, according to an October 2012 survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 53 percent of Americans are streaming entertainment. For 18−35-year-olds, streaming nearly ties live TV time.

It’s Easy to Join the Streaming Movement

Streaming players are a simple and affordable way to access entertainment on your TV. For example, the Roku system connects to your TV and home network so you can start streaming in a matter of minutes. After your show is selected, it plays instantly on your TV. No need to huddle over a laptop, find a DVD or set the DVR.

Streaming players can turn virtually any TV into a “smart TV.” Roku offers a range of streaming players that offer more than 600 channels of entertainment including popular subscription services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, on-demand video services such as Amazon Instant Video and VUDU, as well as many free channels like Crackle. Beyond movies and TV shows, there is a wealth of services featuring news, sports, spirituality, fitness, cooking and more.

Finding The Entertainment That’s Right For You

Given the abundance of entertainment available on demand every day, there are endless choices to make when it comes to what you decide to watch. Here are some tips:

• The Roku search tool makes it possible to find not only movies and show titles, but also the work of specific actors and directors that fit your taste. The tool shows you where the results are available on the Roku platform—whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Crackle, VUDU or HBO GO.

• You can join a current hot show that’s in mid-season by “marathoning” past seasons or catching up on episodes. It’s estimated as many as 30 percent of Roku Facebook fans have previously watched an entire season of a favorite TV show in one sitting.

• Think about favorite actors or past shows that you can match to currently available movies or shows. For example, “Lost” fans may want to check out “Once Upon a Time” since it’s from the same writers, while Claire Danes fans can catch up on her career by watching “Homeland.”

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