El Paso, Texas (NAPSI) - Here’s a surprising fact: Not only do drugs and alcohol alter your brain chemistry in ways willpower can’t control, but so does the wrong food. However, most people don’t see food addiction as akin to substance abuse.


Fortunately, help may be at hand. Based on a scientific study by Scripps Research Institute, renowned addictive behavior expert Dr. Mike Dow wrote “Diet Rehab: 28 Days to Finally Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat,” published by Avery-a specifically designed diet plan that slowly replaces bad foods and behaviors with good foods and behaviors.

When you eat fatty or sugary foods, Dr. Dow explains, your brain releases a surge of feel-good chemicals. Eventually, it takes more and more just to feel normal. Instead, he says, you can use gradual detox to harness the power of your brain chemistry as you restore your proper weight, balance, energy and well-being.

There’s no calorie counting and you won’t feel deprived. You can continue eating your favorite snacks but after 28 days on this plan, you won’t want to as much.