Davenport, Iowa (NAPSI) - Both farmers and consumers may soon be able to enjoy more abundant crops, thanks to a recent scientific development.

Researchers have found a way to protect both the phosphorus (P) and the nitrogen (N) in manures used as fertilizers, which can lead to yield increases and better overall crop performance.

The Problem

Of the 15.8 million acres ofU.S.cropland fertilized with manure, varied percentages of N and P are lost during handling and storage as well as after application, leaving both nutrients unavailable for crops.

The Solution

The new product, called More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager, also known as MTM™, from SFP, reduces P lock-up and N leaching, denitrification and volatilization in all manures and litters—both dry and liquid.

Additionally, when added to an inground lagoon or pit, it can reduce solids and ammonia levels in livestock-confinement operations.

The Proof of Growth

Independent, third-party re-search shows increased plant growth, root development and yield when MTM is used in manure-fertilizer applications.

“The cost of liquid N seems to continue to increase, increase, increase,” says Jonathan McClain, aGeorgiagrower who’s adopted MTM on his farm, “but [after] using MTM in conjunction with boiler house litter that we used, we saw better results and darker foliage, and it was more equally dispersed.”

Easy to Use and Environmentally Safe

No special equipment is required to effectively apply MTM, and it offers crop-rotation flexibility so soybeans or other crops can be planted after application.

Additionally, research shows less ammonia in barns with MTM pretreated pits. “The ammonia level reduction was immediate; you could walk in a barn and really couldn’t tell you were in a hog barn anymore. Your eyes weren’t burning and the odor was more or less gone instantly as soon as you dumped it in,” says Sam McKnight, a producer and custom applicator inIowa.

MTM is biodegradable, leaves no environmental footprint and is nontoxic to livestock and soil bacteria.

Learn More

For more information, call (888) 446-GROW or visit www.morethanmanure.com. Growers also can contact a fertilizer distributor or dealer.