New York, New York (NAPSI) - Whether it’s reuniting with old friends, sharing pictures or asking for recommendations, people are relying on Facebook more and more to manage their daily lives. According to Nielsen’s State of the Media: Social Media Report, Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other website.

With 800 million active users who average more than six hours a month on the networking site, it’s no surprise that Facebook is affecting how we connect with other people, seek out advice and even buy homes.

“For today’s homebuyers and sellers, one of the most convenient ways to identify, research and connect with a real estate professional is through Facebook,” said Bev Thorne, CMO of Century 21 Real Estate LLC. “When you think about it, Facebook is all about relationships, a very important thing when you’re searching for someone to guide you through one of the most significant moves you’ll make in life.”

Giving Homebuyers and Sellers Real Estate Tools Online

Today’s new generation of homebuyers is increasingly turning to social networks to begin searches rather than walking into an office and seeking the help of a real estate professional. Whether they realize it or not, users are single-handedly making Facebook the latest word-of-mouth marketing powerhouse. These devoted users, 50 percent of whom return daily, aren’t just sharing gossip and pictures with friends-they’re asking for and sharing advice.

Buyers and sellers can rest assured-real estate professionals are taking notice of their desire to connect via Facebook. Realtors recognize the impact Facebook can have on their business and are putting more effort into their presence in order to connect with potential clients and develop relationships through the site, often through the use of specialized applications (apps).

For example, the CENTURY 21® Application for Facebook lets CENTURY 21® Brokers customize their landing page and connect with existing and potential new clients directly through Facebook. With information on current listings and homebuyer and seller toolkits, the app provides people with all the information they need to start their homebuying or selling process, without ever leaving Facebook.

Tips for homebuyers and sellers using Facebook:

• Ask your friends for input. Facebook is a way to reach out to several friends and neighbors all at once to ask for their advice on local real estate professionals they’d recommend.

• Check out local real estate agents’ Facebook pages. Before deciding whether or not you want to reach out to a real estate professional, spend some time on their Facebook page—it should give you some insights into their services and specialties.

• Pay attention to content. A sign of a reliable, knowledgeable real estate professional is that they regularly share local market news and trends while consistently engaging with their network.

• Look for additional resources. Many real estate professionals will offer tools, such as the ability to view current listings and mortgage calculators, making Facebook your one-stop shop for real estate research.

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