Riverside, Colorado (NAPSI) - Good news for many people who feared they had a slim chance of enjoying great food while on a diet.

A popular restaurant chain, famous for its grilled chicken and fresh Caribbean-inspired menu, is spotlighting a dozen great ways to sizzle up and slim down with 12 Create Your Own meals that are each under 400 calories.

You just follow a simple four-step process to create your own TropiChop dish: First, decide whether you want grilled chicken, slow roasted pork or a vegetarian meal. Then order a base from among yellow rice with vegetables, white rice, brown rice, romaine lettuce or a combination of lettuce and rice. Then you can order from a variety of toppings, including beans, tomatoes, corn, peppers and onions. Finally, pile on your choice of salsas or sauces from the fresh salsa bar. The secret to the sizzle is the Create Your Own freedom that Pollo Tropical customers enjoy.

Each of the company’s more than 100 restaurants worldwide is known for fresh, never frozen, open-flame grilled chicken, marinated in a proprietary blend of tropical fruit juices and spices, as well as authentic “made from scratch” side dishes.

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