Dallas, Texas (NAPSI) - People with high blood pressure should always read the labels of any medications they may take.

Both prescription and common over-the-counter medicines such as cold medicines, cough syrups and allergy pills should be checked for vasoconstrictors. This can cause a rise in blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels. Even topical medicines you don’t swallow, such as hemorrhoid cream, should be checked.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat hemorrhoids without affecting blood pressure.

Here are some tips:

• Talk to your doctor about safe and effective home treatments, such as warm baths and cold compresses.

• Read product labels and look for packaging that clearly indicates a product with no vasoconstrictors. Many people find that homeopathic Nelsons H+care* treats the pain, itching, swelling and burning of hemorrhoids without vasoconstrictors, steroids, parabens or anesthetics.

• Visit websites such as for information on living with high blood pressure and hemorrhoids.

* The claims for this product are based upon traditional homeopathic practices. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.