Riverside, California (NAPSI) - Thanks to today’s technology, significantly reducing your energy consumption and dramatically lowering your water and energy bills are at your fingertips; if, that is, your fingers are on a smartphone with apps designed to calculate how much water you use each day, provide tips for lowering your utility bills, and even how to program your water sprinkler.

Conservation Apps To Consider

Here are a few mobile apps that you can download onto your iPhone or Android in your quest for a greener home and business.

1. Everyday Energy Tips helps you eliminate waste and shows you how you can save on your utility bills.

2. Save H2Ohelps you understand all aspects of your restroom water usage. In just seconds, you can calculate your savings.

3. Waterprint calculates how much water you use in your daily life, including what you wear, eat and drink.

4. The Responsible Bathroom Campaign app raises awareness of water conservation and provides tips to make your home and business more water friendly.

5. Sprinkler Times lets you easily and instantly calculate a customized watering schedule for an automated sprinkler system.

6. Light Bulb Finder helps you find the right energy-saving light bulbs for your home or office. Then you can choose which bulbs to replace based on financial payback and environmental impact.

7. Drip Detective shows you exactly how much water is running down your drain and the cost associated with any water leak.

8. Water Buddy keeps a history of your water meter readings and provides an instant overview of your usage and whether you’re keeping within your target range.

9. One Stop Green allows you to receive daily tips, includes a solar, wind, water and lighting calculator and lets you conduct home energy audits.

10. myUse tracks water, electricity and gas use and estimates your upcoming usage, so you can make simple adjustments.

These are just a few of the many energy-saving and water conservation apps—and most are free of charge.

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