Riverside, California (NAPSI) - As gas prices remain volatile, many drivers are looking for ways to take control of the painful impact on their wallets. While Americans with access to well-developed mass transit systems have alternative transportation options, there are millions more for whom driving is a daily necessity.

While these drivers can’t control the unpredictable price of gas, they can look for ways to be more fuel efficient. For drivers looking to make a dramatic change, trading in a gas guzzler can make the biggest impact, but even a small upgrade in fuel economy will make a difference. A vehicle getting 30 mpg costs today’s average driver $968 less to fuel annually than one getting 20 mpg.

To help drivers easily find all the information they need to make a smart purchase to “green” their daily driving routine, eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, has launched eBay Green Driving, a one-stop resource designed to provide drivers with ways to reduce both money spent at the pump as well as their environmental impact.

Helpful features on eBay Green Driving include:

• Fuel Type Comparison Tool—Developed with data from the Department of Energy’s fuel economy.gov, this unique and user-friendly tool provides simple, side-by-side fuel technology comparisons complete with information on driving range, estimated vehicle cost, estimated annual fuel costs, ecological impact and more.

• Easy Searching—Visitors can use a simple browsing feature to quickly search available eBay vehicle inventory by type of fuel, body style or lifestyle to find their ideal fuel-efficient vehicle. Whether users have their heart set on an electric vehicle or simply want to get the most miles per gallon possible, this tool will help them find the best fuel-saving solution.

• Green Driving News and Reviews—A comprehensive green driving resource, eBay Green Driving provides visitors with interesting, shoppable content, such as Prius-model comparisons and fuel-saving driving tips.

“Automakers continue to break new ground with superhigh-mpg models, as well as cars that run on electricity or alternative fuels,” said green-driving expert Bradley Berman. “eBay’s Green Driving site provides an intuitive and easy way for people to search for, compare and purchase these vehicles. There’s a large inventory of cars to consider and a wealth of informative fun content on the site.”

To learn more, drivers can visit green.ebay.com/green-driving for more information and guidance on curbing fuel costs.