Riverside, California (NAPSI) - Anyone with a smart-phone or tablet can have a "green" thumb and index finger. Online app stores continue to add new, eco-themed apps that turn our mobile devices into portals for environmental education, sustainable products and entertainment.

Among the newest are green games that both kids and adults can feel good about playing. From fun to informative, the following are five of the best eco apps available on iTunes:

This Game Cleans Up

Whirleo, the first game developed in conjunction with global eco-charity 1% for the Planet, lets players control colorful, spinning tops on planet Rotopolis. As they travel, each Whirleo cleans up pollutants released by the begrimed Guzzler. Players swipe and tilt their touch-based smartphones and tablets to make tops whirl across land, sky and water. They locate hidden power-ups, discover magical crystals, solve puzzles and unlock new characters while learning about environmental issues. The first seven levels are free. Unlock the full version for $0.99.

Three Wishes for a Green Life

Green Genie is a complete guide to the sustainable lifestyle. Developed in collaboration with a LEED-accredited professional and a professional sustainability consultant, this app is more than green tips; it is a massive collection of green projects and resources. Green Genie shows users how to reduce their impact and save money doing it. $0.99.

Bright Idea that Saves Energy

Light Bulb Finder helps users switch from standard incandescent to energy-efficient lightbulbs. With simple inputs about bulb and fixture types, the app recommends energy-saving bulbs with the right light quality, fit and style. For each recommendation, Light Bulb Finder calculates financial payback and environmental impact. Energy-saving bulbs can be purchased via the app or at local stores. Free.

Another Man's Treasure

Yoink is a fast and easy way to find or give away things close to you. Got a couch that needs a new home? Want a TV for the spare room? Browse the interactive map and be the first to "Yoink" the stuff you want. The first person to Yoink it, gets it, with no bidding, no waiting and no fuss. This free service lets you privately message the giver to organize pickup. Free.

Guided by Goodness

GoodGuide is the world's largest source of information about the health, social and environmental impacts of products and companies. A team of chemists, toxicologists, nutritionists, sociologists and environmental life-cycle analysts rated over 150,000 consumer products. Bar-code scanning reveals how a product scores on a scale of 0−10 and suggests better alternatives. Free.